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The Aircraft Airworthiness Section shall perform administration and surveillance tasks and the related study analytic and normative legal tasks concerning: entry of aircraft into the Registry; issuance or validation of the Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness, Airworthiness Review Certificate, Certificate of Approval for aircraft maintenance organizations, Certificate of Homologation of aircraft and aircraft components, Certificate of Approval for continuing airworthiness management organizations, Certificate of Approval for organizations conducting aviation training for aircraft maintenance staff, Part 66 and national licenses for technical maintenance staff; approval of aircraft maintenance programmes; continued oversight; deletion of aircraft from the BIH Registry and issuance of the certificate of deletion.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Civil Aircraft Register data


Application for renewal of an airworthiness certificate
Application for the acceptance of nominated accountable airworthiness personnel
Application for the issue of noise certificate
Application for registration of aircraft or change of ownership
Application for certificate of airworthiness
Flight conditions for Permit to fly - Approval form
Application for permit to fly in accordance with PART 21, subpart P
Aircraft technical data sheet – Air transport
List of airctaft technical data general / special categories
406 MHz – ELT BiH Registration Form
ICAO 24 Bit Aircraft Address Request Form (Mode S Code Address)
Suspected unapproved parts report
Application for Export Certificate of Airworthiness


List of approved maintenance organization can be downloaded HERE.

List of recognized maintenance organizations by the BHDCA can be downloaded HERE.