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Pan-European Coordinator at EUROCONTROL visited on Wednesday, 22nd February 2017, the BiH Directorate of Civil Aviation, where he talked with Deputy Director General and Head of Air Navigation and Aerodromes Division Marinko Šimunović and his associates on perspectives for development of ATM in Europe through cooperation of civil aviation authorities and providers of air navigation services.

Deputy Director General BHDCA Marinko Šimunović informed the Pan-European Coordinator of the regulatory framework and activities in BiH in the ATM area and of the regional cooperation and perspectives and expectations, problems and solutions in the area of ATM.

The Pan-European Coordinator at EUROCONTROL informed the hosts of the meeting of activities currently conducted, but also of future steps expected in the ATM in Europe.

This was the repeated visit of the Pan-European Coordinator at EUROCONTROL to Bosnia and Herzegovina as he visited it for the first time in June 2015.