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Please be informed that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation Decision on the amount of charges to be paid by aircraft operators per transported departing passenger and per ton of goods/cargo transported from Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina was published in the BiH Official Gazette No. 4/17 on 20/01/2017.

The aforementioned Decision is available in the English language on the BHDCA web site within the section: Aviation regulation.

The information stated above has been published in the AIP of BIH under GEN 4.1-2 Chapter 3 Passenger service, item 3.2 - Bosnia and Hercegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) Charges (AIP AIRAC AMDT 4/17 Effective Date 27 APR 2017).

The obligation to pay the charges shall become effective 30 days after the publication in the AIP of BIH.

In order to facilitate an efficient implementation of the Decision, we use this opportunity to ask you to provide to us the relevant addresses and information so we can send the payment invoices to you, and you are also kindly asked to notify your competent services of the obligation to settle the payments in accordance with the Decision, in order to establish a timely and reliable charging mechanism for the said charges.