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On the occasion of marking 20 years of existence and operation, BiH Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) organised a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Directorate.

On that occasion a Monograph on Implementation of the Project on Development of Air Traffic Management System in BiH (BHATM) was promoted.

By construction of Air Traffic Management System in BiH (BHATM), its launching into operation and by establishment of Air Navigation Services Provider of BiH - BHANSA, provisions of BiH Constitution have been complied with - as it is defined that air traffic control is within the responsibility of BiH institutions.

Addressing the attendants Director General Djordje Ratkovica, among other things, emphasised that the Monograph on Implementation of BHATM Project contains all facts, data and information on this Project, which numerous local and international entities were involved in.

'BiH had never provided area navigation services in the airspace above its territory and that is why this Project has been extremely complex and important both for BHDCA itself and for whole BiH, but also for wider aviation community, as parallel with procurement of equipment it was necessary to train staff that would operate that system. Around BAM 53.2 million was devoted to implementation of this Project, out of which 33.2 million was EBRD loan and the rest from funds belonging to the Directorate from overflights. It is crucial to note that not a single BAM was spent from BiH Budget, that is – BHATM implementation has not cost citizens of BiH even a single BAM as the loan is also being repaid from overflight charges' stressed Ratkovica.

The ceremony in Banja Luka was attended by numerous representatives of international aviation organisations and institutions, among them: President of the Council of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) PhD Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, Regional ICAO Director for Europe and North Atlantic Luis Fonseka De Almeida, Director General of the European Organisation for the safety of air navigation (EUROCONTROL) Frank Brenner, Executive Secretary of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Salvatore Sciacchitano, directors of all regional aviation authorities and individuals meritorious for the development of BHDCA, civil aviation in BiH and BHATM Project - who were presented letters of commendation and recognition.

BHDCA wishes to express its satisfaction and honour that the high delegation of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), headed by its leader, for the first time visited BiH where a series of meetings with representatives of BiH authorities was organised.

So a reception was organised for the high ICAO delegation, led by PhD Olumujiva Aliu, by BiH Presidency Member from RS Mladen Ivanić and also by BiH Minister of Communications and Transport Ismir Jusko. Minister Jusko also organised receptions for the EUROCONTROL delegation consisting of current Director General Frank Brenner and future Director General (as of 01/01/2018) Eamonn Brennan and also for the delegation of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) led by Executive Secretary Salvatore Sciacchitano.

The BiH Directorate of Civil Aviation was founded on 12th September 1997 as Aviation Department of the BiH Council of Ministers with 15 employees.

Nowadays, BHDCA has become a modern aviation authority within the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport with 57 employees. BHDCA responsibilities are defined by the BiH Aviation Law which specifies that the Directorate is the only authority in BiH responsible for performing regulatory and supervisory functions and issuance of certificates, licenses and ratings in the civil aviation area.

Within the coming period the BHDCA aim will be the harmonisation of BiH regulatory framework with the EU acquis communautaire and consistent implementation of the international standards and recommended practices in the civil aviation area.

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