A BHDCA delegation comprising the acting Director General, Mr Željko Travar, and Assistant Director General for International Relations, Harmonisation and Legal Affairs, Ms Selma Hodžić, attended the 36th Plenary Session of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) held on 11-12 July in Strasbourg.

In addition to representatives of the ECAC Member States, the session was also attended by representatives of ICAO, other international aviation organisations and institutions, and of the aviation industry, where they discussed the future of civil aviation and the mutual relations and cooperation of all stakeholders involved in the civil aviation system.

Apart from attending the ECAC session, the BHDCA delegation also met with the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Council of Europe, His Excellency Mr Predrag Grgić, and informed him about the activities and recent developments relating to the BHDCA.