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On Thursday 31st January 2013, Director General of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation - EUROCONTROL, Mr. Frank Brenner met with the BH DCA Director General Mr. Djordje Ratkovica, they talked about the activities EUROCONTROL will conduct in the upcoming period and finalization of the BH Air Traffic Management (BH ATM)
implemented by the BH DCA.

The BH DCA Director General emphasized that EUROCONTROL actively participated in the implementation of the BH ATM Project, which is in its final stage.

"BHDCA, as the Project leader, has taken all necessary measures to make the system operational and functional. That includes building and reconstruction of facilities, procurement, equipment installation and testing, training the staff and transformation of air institutions in BH, i.e. forming an agency to provide BiH Air Navigation Services (BH ANSA)", said Ratkovica.

He said it remains for the BH ANSA to be established in sense of institutions and staff, i.e. for the employees from BH DCA and the entity directorates to move to the agency and for BH ANSA, in collaboration with service providers from other countries, to realize a Global Transition Plan to begin gradual takeover of the air space of BH in 2013.

Although, Frank Brenner became Director General of EUROCONTROL on 1 January 2013, he emphasized that BH ATM Project is very familiar to him.  He said that EUROCONTROL will continue to support the developement of the BH ATM system, and that the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very important to the airspaces in Europe.

"The Member States of EUROCONTROL, 39 states, has our support and we will continue to monitor how the BH ATM system integrates into the European flows", said Brenner and add that it is in the interest of EUROCONTROL that air traffic over Europe is running smoothly.