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On the occasion of the finalising of the Twinning project entitled "Assistance in Institutional Building of the BH Civil Aviation Authority related to European Common Aviation Area (ECAA)", which is funded by the European Commission, and realized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Spain, the closing meeting was held in the premises of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH DCA) in order to be presented the results of this two-year project.

By expressing gratitude on the implemented project to the European Commission and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Spain, the BHDCA General Director, Mr. Djordje Ratkovica said that he believes that the goal of this project - strengthening the capacity building of the BH Civil Aviation Authorities in order to provide integration of the BH civil aviation sector into the EU civil aviation - is achieved.

The representative of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Spain, Ms. Matilde Fernandez-Balbina pointed out that the realization of this project, which cost one million euros, Bosnia, and BH civil aviation made another step towards the EU.

Taking into consideration that one of the mandatory results of the project was strengthening the capacity building of the BH DCA as the civil aviation authoritiy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, sixteen trainings and seven study visits were realised within the project that were of great importance for the BH DCA experts, in terms of improving practical skills and getting acquaintance with examples of good practices in civil aviation.

Trainings (courses, seminars), that were implemented in BH, were attended by more than 40 BH DCA experts and employees and more than 60 BH representatives of various aviation organizations (Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, airlines, airports and other the BH aviation entities), while the opportunity to visit the Spanish aviation institutions had 20 BHDCA experts. In this way, the entire aviation community in BH had the opportunity for the development and improvement of competence.

Twinning Project has provided a significant contribution in the implementation of the Air Traffic Management Project in BH (BH ATM), because the experts from Spain provided support and assistance in the analysis of airspace and drafting the Plan of airspace, they also assisted in development of numerous documents and in implementation of trainings related to the air-traffic control, and conducted another assessment of the BH Air Traffic Management System and confirmed that the system is functional and ready to provide the operations.

The Twinning Project Closing Meeting meeting in Banja Luka was attended by representatives of Delegation of the European Commission in BH and the Embassy of Spain in BH.