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On Monday 8th October 2012, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) expert teams made a standardization inspection or the assessment of the implementation of the European legislation in the area of airworthiness, air operation and flight crew licensing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

National Coordinator for the EASA standardization visit, Mr. Asmir Kruhovic has said that it is a standard procedure that EASA expert teams performed in all European Union states as well as in the other states, the JAA former members, which concluded a corresponding agreement with the European Union.

Mr. Kruhovic has emphasised that ECAA Agreement was signed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the legal basis for the EASA standardisation visit is the Working Agreement, signed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation – BH DCA and the EASA, on 7 July 2009 in Strasburg.

Besides the BH DCA, the EASA expert teams, during the standardization visit that lasts until 12 October 2012, will visit the air operators, aircraft maintenance organizations, flight crew training centres and aeromedical centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.