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The ICAO USOAP Audit will be implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period from 5 to 14 April 2011.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a Member State of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is a subject of the periodic revisions of this international organization within the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme - USOAP, which includes a comprehensive system approach review of the legislation in the field of civil aviation, the organization of the civil aviation authorities, the appropriate airlines authority in the country, as well as specific aviation fields: PEL -  Personnel Licensing, OPS – Operations, AIR - Airwortthiness, AIG - Air Accident and Incident Investigation, AGA – Airports and ANS - Air Navigations Section.

According to the ICAO Audit Mission Plan, the main audit activities will be implemented in the BHDCA Headquarters in Banja Luka, while the audit activities concerning the airline industry and ANS Provider will be implemented in Sarajevo.

The ICAO Audit will be  carried out by the five ICAO experts for specific aviation functional areas.