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Information on Contract signing as part the implementation of the Air Traffic Management Project in BiH

The contract on the supply of equipment that will enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to control its entire airspace thus making it unnecessary to continue with the engagement of air traffic control centers in Zagreb and Belgrade, was signed today with the renowned Spanish manufacturer INDRA SISTEMAS S.A., in Sarajevo.

The signatories to the contract were Director General Mr. Đorđe Ratkovica, on behalf of the Directorate of Civil Aviation, and Julio Martín Parra, on behalf of INDRA.

The equipment being the subject of the Contract worth 7.1 million €, which will be effected through EBRD credit, is planned for the installation of the following air traffic control systems:

-        ATM systems for processing and integration of all data, to be located at ACC units in Sarajevo and Banja Luka;
-        one radar station at the Jahorina;
-        four radio stations for pilot-controller communication at the Jahorina, Bukovik, Plejin vrh and Kozara, comprising 99 radio devices in total;
-        two voice communication integration systems at ACC units in Sarajevo and Banja Luka; and
-        a time reference system and a voice recording and replay system at ACC units in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

This event marks an end of the procurement process for equipment required for the complete development of the system that will be installed at three locations: Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar. The process started in May 2006 with preparations for the development of the required technical documentation, continued with the publishing of the international call for tendering in November 2006, eventually followed by the opening of tenders on 17 January 2007, after which, out of four received tenders (Thales, INDRA, Selex i Raytheon), the Spanish company INDRA was selected through the evaluation procedure as the financially most responsive tenderer complying with all requirements.

The Area Control Centre (ACC) building project, which is to ensure safe and efficient control of the Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace, will, through our equipment and controllers, engineers and technicians, as well as through the implementation of this contract over the following 17 months, enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to be one of the countries capable of providing air traffic control services within its entire airspace, by means of state-of-the-art equipment and highly-educated young personnel. Also, it is important to note that Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the commissioning of the system, will collect cca 30 million KM from fees for the provision of en-route navigation services. As an illustration, approximately ¾ of the amount is presently paid to air navigation service providers from Serbia and Croatia due to the inability of the Bosnia and Herzegovina providers to provide the services.