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In regard of successful implementation of the project of establishing Air Traffic System Management in B&H, which is implemented BHDCA, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) has received a greeting card from Mr. Vijay Singh. The greeting card was sent by Mr. Vijay Singh who held the position, on behaf of the International Civil aviation Organization (ICAO), of the project Coordinator on the project "The Institutional establishment of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of B&H", during the period from 1999 to 2001.

Here is the entire content of the greeting card:

Dear Mr. Ratkovica

The report in the media that BiH has taken control of the management of its airspace gave me great joy and I hasten to convey to you and all the members of the DGCA as well as the Air Navigation Services past and present for achieving this long sought objective.

The path to achieving this has been long and complex requiring overcoming many difficult political, financial and technical problems. Only those who have been associated with this difficult and demanding task have the real measure of the magnitude of the difficulties that have had to be overcome. It is the devotion and commitment of the BiH aviation community that has brought about the establishment of strong and effective civil aviation regulatory body that is equal to the best in the world. You sir, are to be commended for the visionary leadership and patience as well as devoted commitment to creating harmony essential to overcoming and healing the wounds necessary for the construction of an efficient and effective civil aviation regime. It was my good fortune to have been allowed to help with the beginning of the rebuilding process. It was my earnest belief that the Nation had the competent and committed individuals to build a strong and functioning aviation supervisory agency equal to the best in the world. Under your leadership this has been achieved and I would like to thank you and all the members of the BiH aviation community for making me feel proud.

May I through you wish all the members of the Civil Aviation Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina my heartfelt congratulations and offer my best wishes to a bright and successful future.

Truly yours

Vijay Singh