Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation and its Aviation Security Section were subject to an audit and check by a team of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) experts in the area of aviation security in the period from 15-19 December 2014.

In the words of Mr. Velimir Bobić, Head of the Aviation Security Section, the objective of the audit and check was to establish and assess compliance and application/implementation of the relevant European regulations and standards in the national legislation in the area of aviation security. The audit also covered the conduct of inspections and audits of aviation bodies by the BHDCA, as well as of activities and procedures employed by such aviation bodies in the event of a threat to aviation security (terrorist attacks, hijacks, etc).             

During the audit, the ECAC expert team took this opportunity to review the security status of the Banja Luka Airport, in addition to reviewing the regulations and procedures employed by the BHDCA's Aviation Security Section.

A final report is expected to be submitted by the ECAC experts within 60 days, to be followed by development of a corrective action plan and removal of any identified findings.