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The Flight Crew Licensing Section shall be responsible for the monitoring and implementation of international standards and recommended practice in the area of aviation medicine (JAR FCL 3), and for defining medical standards for flight crews and air traffic controllers. The responsibilities of the Section also include the nomination procedure of authorised aeromedical institutions and examiners (AME), and the coordination of activities of authorised aeromedical centres (AMC) and aeromedical examiners performing flight crew examinations.
The Section shall be responsible to keep records of medical documents, their expiry and renewal dates, to define and oversee the process of training and refreshments with regards to aviation medicine, to define and oversee the quality of the emergency medical assistance service at passenger airports and aeroplanes, to cooperate with the relevant services with regards to health care and medical standards, and to propose improvements of the work organization and methodology within the responsibilities of the said areas.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) has been applying the EMPIC-MED application since 2015 with the aim of improving efficiency in performing medical fitness examination for flight operating personnel, as well as air traffic controllers.

This application is an e-government solution which, via the Internet, connects aero-medical examiners (AMEs) and aero-medical centers (AeMCs) with the competent aviation authority (AMS), in this case with the BHDCA.

The EMPIC application is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, and is also recognized by international aviation organizations and institutions, i.e. ICAO and EASA.