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With the aim of improving and expanding the search and rescue service in the event of an aircraft accident in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Search and Rescue - SAR), and in accordance with the Aviation Law of BIH (the Law), the Rulebook on search and rescue services in the event of an aircraft accident in BIH (the Rulebook) and Annex 12 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation, as the civil aviation authority in BIH, responsible for coordinating, supervising and controlling the quality of search and rescue services in civil aviation, has launched activities to establish, re-organise and expand the SAR system in BIH.
Pursuant to Article 31 (2) and Article 35 of the Law, the BHDCA is obliged to conclude special search and rescue cooperation agreements with organisations, institutions, legal entities and natural persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This obligation of the BHDCA is also prescribed by Article 4 (1) d) of the Rulebook.
In this regard, such agreements represent the fulfilment of obligations from the above regulations and contribute to the improvement of the SAR system in BIH, define the rights and obligations of entities involved in SAR operations, establish operational procedures and introduce exercises for all SAR mission participants.
To date, the BHDCA has concluded agreements with two helicopter operators and one search and rescue service provider, and it is expected that similar agreements will be signed with other institutions and organisations in BIH, as envisaged by the Rulebook, in accordance with their local competences.