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Flight Safety

The BHDCA Safety Management System (SMS) is an organized approach to safety management, including the necessary structure, responsibilities, principles and procedures.
The BHDCA has implemented the SMS in its work in accordance with ICAO Doc 9859 (“The Safety Management Manual”).
The implementation of the SMS invariably implies:
  • Identification of safety hazards,
  • Taking necessary measures to avoid or mitigate the consequences of risks or hazards,
  • Continued oversight and ongoing assessment of the safety level reached.
The Safety Management Department shall be responsible for the monitoring of international standards and recommended practice in the area of safety management, and for their implementation in the national legislation. This Department shall ensure ongoing compliance of the implementation of the SAFA Programme in BIH with EU standards. It shall draft regulations on mandatory occurrence reporting, receive and process reports on mandatory occurrences, accidents and incidents. It shall keep records on identified risks, ensure that risk are continually identified, analysed, prioritized, managed, controlled and reported. It shall also inform any interested parties of the status of risks.