Air Navigation

The Air Navigation Section shall be responsible for the defining of the organization and sectorization of the BIH airspace in accordance with standards and recommendations of international organizations – ICAO, EUROCONTROL. While monitoring international standards and recommended practices in the area of air navigation and implementing them in the national legislation, this Section shall propose improvements in the organization and methodology of work, and conduct audits within its competence for the area of air navigation.
It shall also propose amendments, participate in the drafting and adopting of regulations and individual legal acts in compliance with the laws, other regulations, international acts, accepted national and international standards and recommended practice concerning recruitment policies in air traffic services, candidate selection processes, planning for air traffic controller training and licensing, and approve air traffic controller training programmes.
This Section shall be responsible for the certification of new CNS systems and their modifications, as well for the auditing of technical facilities, equipment and devices relevant for safety of air navigation, particularly in terms of serviceability and proper operation of radio-navigation, radar and other emitters and technical facilities and communication systems.
The Section shall be responsible for the monitoring of international standards and recommended practice in the area of aeronautical meteorology and for their implementation in the national legislation. It shall propose rules and instructions on the provision of mandatory information on aeronautical meteorology, and continually provide aeronautical meteorological information services to aircraft, airport climatology information, etc.
The Section shall monitor the work of aeronautical data providers and the preparation of legislative and organizational basis for their proper working within the AIS system.
The Section shall also establish standards, develop operational instructions for the staff working at flight procedure design organizations.
It shall verify and approve the design of instrument and visual arrival, approach, landing and missed approach procedures for aircraft at aerodromes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Section shall perform analyses, propose documents and control all developed documents, and any charts published.
It shall also conduct activities and analyses with regards to environmental protection.
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2020*
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2019*
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2018*
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2017* 
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2016*
The NSA Annual Safety Oversight Report for 2015*

*This Report is available upon request, in accordance with Article 48 (5) of Rulebook on oversight in Civil Aviation (“Official Gazette of BiH“ No. 22/16; 55/18 and 5/19).
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