BHDCA hands over RASARAC chairmanship

On January 20, a BHDCA delegation led by Director General Čedomir Šušnjar paid a working visit to the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro in Podgorica, where a meeting of representatives of the aviation authorities of the two countries was held. On this occasion, Montenegro took over the annual chairmanship of the Regional Aeronautical Search and Rescue Advisory Committee (RASARAC) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. from the BHDCA.

The meeting discussed the previous joint activities and plans for 2022, whereby the representatives of the host country informed the BHDCA representatives about the plans during their chairmanship of the RASARAC. They pointed out that they expect intensive cooperation with other member countries, where working meetings of expert teams will be planned, as well as a meeting of the Steering Board at the level of directors general of civil aviation authorities of the Committee member countries. The most important goal will be to improve the aircraft search and rescue system, by raising the levels of training and technical capacity of all stakeholders in this system.

The meeting was also attended by a special representative of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) for cooperation with the RASARAC, via video link.

In addition to the chairmanship, the BHDCA delegation also handed over the official flag of the RASARAC.

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